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Case Study
CleverOt is an AI-based puzzle game for those who are looking for new challenges. The goal of the game is to clear all symbols on each level using as few moves as possible - by matching shapes into two pairs or a single set of four the same symbols. It's easy, but it can be tricky as well!

The additional challenge in the game is to beat CleverOt using fewer moves and earn some extra goodies. The game provides boosters that can make levels easier to go through, such as a bomber, shuffler, or swapper.

CleverOt is based on a freemium business model. It's completely free to play, but some optional in-game items (e.g., boosters) will require payment.
Scope of work

Game concept, User Experience, Microcopy, Visual Design, and app promotion​​​​​​​
Joanna Cymkiewicz

AI, Software Design, Development and the rest of Technical Stuff
Piotr K. Isajew

The biggest challenge was to invent a game concept that provides a new and unique solution. Looking at the current market of mobile apps available on AppStore or GooglePlay, the challenge seemed to be almost impossible. Yet, I was able to provide a gameplay concept that is based on a new and advanced game engine with a simple utility logic.
Target group

Core target: 
26+ year-old males and females, professionally active, needing easily available stress relievers and/or time killers, liking to stimulate their brain activity.

Experimental target: 
15 − 25 year-old males and females (youngs) who like to test and play everything that might be funny, interesting or challenging

65+ year-old males and females, who want to keep a good shape of their brain activity and like solving puzzles.
UX Design

— Competitor analysis
— User flows
— Wireframes
— Information architecture
— Product strategy
— Usability tests
Design Strategy

Taking into account the core target group and needs of the users, visuals had to be delicate and simple, still aesthetic at the same time, to keep the main focus on the gameplay and avoid unnecessary distractions during quick sessions.

I've decided to define a tone of voice in the game as a pleasant, yet an informal way to communicate with users. I've added to the CleverOt a touch of personality and created a 'life-form' that speaks to its users. It creates a friendly feeling but keeps the full respect for the player.

Interactions and animations are based on simplicity and defined with a bit slower motion than regular to achieve a calming setting that perfectly corresponds to the look & feel of the game.

Considering the possible circumstances of using the game, I decided not to add any sound effects. Instead, the game has haptic feedback implemented, which gives a signal to the user of interactions during gameplay.
UI Design
Inclusive Design

With the full respect for the whole range and diversity of the end-users, I've designed user interface and interactions in the app in the way that it's calm and pleasant. 

Although the app does not support a system platform accessibility settings, I designed CleverOt by choosing the light theme of the app that brings clearance and high contrast. Furthermore, I decided to use much bigger font size to increase legibility and visibility. 

Even if the core target group is in its mid-age, I've created and defined the tone of voice as a direct and straightforward language with short communication to avoid confusion and misunderstanding. 

Last but not least, I designed the main elements of the app (elements on a game board), in a way that could be easily recognized and differentiation not only by the color but the shape as well. Thanks to this simple procedure, the game supports not only people with poor eyesight but also users with color blindness.
Typography & Colors
UI components
Selected elements to present look & feel of the app.
CleverOt game offers two independent sets of symbols. Each element is created from the combination of a shape and a colour, which helps to easily recognise symbols for users with vision impairment and colour blindness.
I've added to the CleverOt a touch of personality and created a 'life-form' that speaks to its users.

Touchpoints & Communication

— Mobile app on AppStore/CleverOt
— Dedicated webpage cleverot.app
— Facebook channel /cleverot.game
— Twitter channel @CleverOtGame
— Advertise

CleverOt was created and brought to life with passion by the team of two. This project took almost one year of work after hours, but let us create what we love.
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