Alicja Taboryska personal project (strategy and idea of the project, copywriting, idea and craft of the box along with photo shoot styling)

There comes a time when self-confessed IKEA addict and dedicated consumer decides to try her luck and apply for a job at her favourite company. But how to convince the Marketing Director that a creative copywriter with over 7 years of experience in advertising understands the brand’s needs and can be a valuable, trained employee on the client’s side?

I decided to be proactive and address an actual challenge IKEA will soon face. With research I found out that in 2019 IKEA will put bedrooms and bathrooms solutions at the center of communication and they will look for non-standard ways to communicate it.
Having in mind business objectives and production limitations, I wanted to give both consumers and the IKEA brand, something unique yet doable. This thinking led me to develop a coherent strategy and a creative big idea for the first IKEA branded hotel which I named DÖM GOŚCINNY, working as a part of an already successful Kuchnia Spotkań event.

However, as a communication specialist I knew that I needed something more for my application to stand out. That’s why I created and crafted a personalized welcome gift which was supposed to create an engaging and unforgettable customer experience from the very first sight.
Judging from the look of the Marketing Director’s face when I was handing him the box, I think I did pretty well. I managed catch his attention and an appointment to meet was made. Now we're going to have to see what the future brings.
Like most successful projects, they are improved with a team, that’s why I would like to thank:

Asia Cymkiewicz, my friend who is a graphic designer and helped me design written materials in a way that everything is clear, simple, understandable and easy to digest, yet stays in IKEA visual aesthetic. She is magnificent.
Sławek Taboryski, my brother, who can create everything from anything and gave me practical advices about boxing craft plus took photos of the project.
Marcin Radecki, my friend who owns a printing company and printed me everything beautifully and ASAP.
Karolina Skalik, my friend who helped the appointment happen and who gave me this special IKEA price tag plastic cover (so I didn’t have to steal it ;).
Grzegorz Klebański, my friend who gave me the motivational nudge to create something I’m proud off.
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